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JVB film is looking to make creative content for you

I specialize in bringing your idea/image to life through video production and editing.

Creating high quality and creative content to engage the viewer is our specialty, making all clients from individuals to small and large companies satisfied.

I’m James, and I see the world of advertisement changing like crazy.

I’m glad to say that I am here to help.

With social media becoming a huge platform for marketing, this has opened up a huge opportunity for video content to promote your business/project/event.

Videos have a way of creating an emotional connection to your audience, making it easier for them to connect with your brand and feel more intrigued by the advertisement.

They also help reach a much larger consumer base due to the reach the internet has over all ages.

With older and more expensive ways of marketing brands and business becoming obsolete, the time of creative content is now. 


I provide services for:

– Filming

– Video editing

– Video Production

– Brand Consulting

– Content Creation

– Content Packages

– Destination/Weddings

– Athletes 

Questions about any of these services? Contact me here.


“Jimmy is the best videographer that I have ever worked with. The employee training video that he created for our company has been instumental in new employees coming up to speed so much faster. I highly recommend Jimmy if you are looking for a professional and creative videographer .”
Travis Keith
Director of Training

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